CleverNet - the Clever Pun IRC network

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This is VERY much a work in progress page. However, I needed to put something up, so you'll get IRC in the old-school HTML flavor for the time being!

Welcome to CleverNet, the Clever Pun IRC network. What is CleverNet, you ask? It's an IRC network built and maintained by Rikai and Temia as an answer to finding nothing but unreliable, unstable networks when we wanted to move away from the one our channel was on. We promise to provide nothing but the best functionality available to avoid being like all the others. Come join today, and bring your friends to help expand upon this community!

We're located at...

Port: 6667

If you ever need any help, join #Helpdesk and we'll be there to aid you!
I thought what I'd do is, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.